March 19th, 2018
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UX/UI Design

Creating stunning design is not enough. We make sure your site or app not only grabs attention, but delivers an effective and enjoyable user experience.

The key to any website, application, or system is how users interact with it. At Exposyour, we design innovative user interface solutions that focus on the customers, making their experience intuitive, efficient, and delightful.

Our team of experienced designers and Ruby on Rails engineers work together to build a powerful user interface that combines the best design elements with a superior user experience. This starts by understanding your business needs, your brand identity, and analyzing user behavior.




How It Works

With our agile approach to development, we operate a feedback-driven process that keeps you involved in development and allows for changes to be made along the way.

Strategy and Functionality: We listen to your goals and study the scope of the project then ready the functionality requirements needed to fulfill the project’s goals and user needs.

User analysis: We examine user and behavioral research as well as survey potential users in a focus group to see how they interact with the product.

Information architecture: Based on user analysis, we organize the functions and features of the system to maximize usability.

Prototype: We create the prototype for the system with interactive screens.

Usability testing: The prototype is tested by a user and performance of tasks are measured, giving the UI design team vital direction for the project.

Interface design: We incorporate dynamic visual design, creating an interface that reflects your brand.

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