March 19th, 2018
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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Retargeting

Website Visitors Who Leave Don’t Have to Be Lost Forever. Retargeting Brings Them Back to You.

What is PPC Retargeting?

Pay‐Per‐Click is online advertising in which you pay for clicks on ads that link to your website or landing page. PPC Retargeting serves ads to people while they browse the internet, after they’ve left your website.

Why It Works:

Our email marketing platform includes everything you need to run world-class email marketing campaigns with the added benefit of consolidating all of our online marketing programs in one place.

We make creating content easy with our new features and even provide you with targeted email templates, free graphics, and writing services. We don’t just offer software; we provide service.

 Our PPC analysts are rigorously trained, Google Adwords certified and results‐driven.

Features and Benefits of Retargeting Ads:

• Studies show that retargeting ads bring in nearly twice the revenue as other display ads.

• Targets visitors to your website who don’t convert on the first visit. On average, 97% of first‐time visitors to a website leave without completing a conversion.

• Reminds visitors of items they’ve seen on your website and entices them to return and complete a conversion.

• Delivers tailored ads across the web that combine the layouts, products, messages and offers based on a visitor’s activity on your website.

• Ideal supplement to an SEO campaign—exclusively targets consumers who have demonstrated an interest in your products/services.

• Works fast! Your ad can begin running the day the campaign is launched.

• Cost per lead is typically less than other forms of advertising.


 Exposyour 360 Retargeting Features- combining targeting methods, such as interest categories, demographics, or keyword campaigns.


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