March 19th, 2018
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Online Marketing Software

Simultaneously and efficiently measure the performance of your online marketing campaigns.

What Is It?

Exposyour reporting software allows clients to quickly measure the performance of their website and various online marketing campaigns at the same time. Exposyour has taken advantage of open web APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow us to automatically analyze information that normally would require hours of data collection and complex spreadsheet formulas.

What does that mean for our customers? It means that we can make decisions faster and with fewer errors and it also means that you have access to your campaign information 24/7 through your own dashboard. If you prefer, we can update you on new leads, traffic data and keywords trends via email and send you a consolidated monthly report.

The reporting software enables our clients to monitor progress on their campaigns. The software also makes absolute transparency possible. You can use the dashboard to see specific actions that we have taken on your campaigns.



Sales Tracking

Having a well‐balanced online marketing strategy is crucial to success. But, then what? Make sure your sky‐high SEO rankings are translating into revenue. Our reporting software can help you track your sales!

Features and Benefits of Sales Software:

• Track phone and web leads by month

• Track individual leads by name, phone number, and website

• Empower yourself; track the lead source and plan your marketing budget with greater knowledge

• Follow and nurture your leads through the pipeline


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