March 19th, 2018
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Dos and Don’ts of SEO for Small Businesses

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We all know that search engine optimization is the best way to boost a company’s online visibility. But considering the fact that the algorithms for SEO change all the time, it can be incredibly confusing to figure out what to do to make your business look like a big fish in the large pond of Google.

However, no matter how frequently digital marketing may change, there will always be a few dos and don’ts that will pertain to your SEO campaign. Read on to learn more!

Do: Look at your competitors

No matter your business, there will always be a competitor. Take a look at their website to see what keywords they are using and how they are incorporating them, whether it be through onsite content, pictures, or even HTML tags.

Don’t: Be too spammy

The best way to use your keywords is through writing quality content, but many business owners believe this is just another way to stuff all your keywords in one place. This is wrong, Google will scan your website to ensure the keywords are actually readable, as this gives more authority to them. Never place them in a sentence such as ” leaky pipes water damage wet basement plumbing services charlotte best plumber charlotte NC,” as Google will not rank your website accordingly.

Do: Don’t give up

Simply put, search engine optimization takes time to see results. It is important to be patient and not give up if you don’t see results right away. Think of SEO like a stock market; the more you invest in it, the more results you will see!

Don’t: Assume everything is going fine

It is crucial to check the analytics of your SEO campaign to ensure everything you are doing is actually working! This way you can figure out exactly where you stand and what actions you have to take to get the results you are looking for.

Do: Make new landing pages for each keyword

Whenever you add a new keyword to your website you will want to create a new landing page for information relevant to that topic. If you simply direct all of your ads and keyword usage to your website’s homepage, then you will not rank as high as possible because search engine optimization relies on a variety of different backlinks all over your webpage. This is a growing trend, and 48% of digital marketers build a new landing page for each of their marketing campaigns.

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