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How, Why, and When a Company Should Rebrand

When the world around you is constantly in motion, it can be hard to sit still. One of the foremost principles of integrated marketing is that every aspect of...

Several Brands Are Defining the Rules for Courting the New Generation

To sell to any audience, you have to understand them. Understanding how the group thinks, acts, and purchases is only the first step to finding new...

Pizza Hut Delivers Pizza and a Movie in Its New Package Design

Pizza Hut Hong Kong and Ogilvy & Mather Group HK have collaborated on a campaign giving the words “movie night” a different meaning by making...

Why Brand Experience Matters

Most companies believe that they are delivering meaningful brand experiences for consumers. Unfortunately, most of these experiences fall short because they...

Marketing Isn’t Evil: Brand for Good

Marketing is as well thought of in society as sales, often carrying a negative connotation associated with manipulation and selling people stuff they don’t...

Why Personal Branding Is Driving an Exciting Opportunity for Brands Online

In a recent TV series Grayson Perry: Who Are You? the artist explored the nature of identity by interviewing a range of subjects about “the way we decide who...

The 3 P’s Brands Must Embrace

People, Purpose, Participation Building brands that are truly meaningful, admired and (sometimes) even loved has not become any easier over the years. If...

How to Make the Most of Trade Shows

Tips for business owners on how to make the most of trade Shows, conventions, and industry expos. The Internet may have profoundly changed the business of...

In a Brand Rut? Consider These 3 Tips to Jump-start Progress

Regardless of your company’s growth stage, there might be times when you look at your product, the marketplace or customer and find the world is evolving...

Unlocking Growth in Online Retail

Americans are changing the way they shop, and these new habits are driving growth. In 2013, U.S. retail sales totaled $4.5 trillion, growing at a meager 4...
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