March 19th, 2018
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4 Huge Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2017


With a new year having just begun, integrated marketing services are looking for the next latest and greatest thing. In 2016, a number of digital marketing teams learned what failed and what succeed in order to pave the way for this year, while also keeping an eye out for emerging technologies and techniques that could potentially take the SEO and digital marketing industries above and beyond.

Even if your company hasn’t thoroughly developed your marketing department or really fleshed out your personal brand, the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to start fresh and new. To get a head start, here’s a list of some of the most talked about digital marketing trends to expect to see in 2017:

Augmented Reality
Pokemon Go has come and gone, but the game’s platform is still being talked about today. A blend of both fact and fiction, augmented reality has marketing teams on the lookout for new and exciting ways to get creative with the technology in app form. Whether companies decide to use the technology for finding deals and discounts in a grocery store or to be used in another game interface, marketers are certainly on their toes.

Live Streaming
With popular services like Netflix and Hulu in such high demand, it only makes sense for streaming to take the next step and become an integral part of our media campaigns. Periscope and Facebook Live have already taken hold quite strongly, using instant sharing to reach audiences immediately. Whether it’s a baby’s first steps or a breaking news story, live streaming can quickly garner audience attention.

Data Visualization and Data Visualization Tools
Numbers mean everything to a digital marketing company. The when, where, why, and what are all parts of what drives a company to success, but raw numbers are much harder for the general public to comprehend. Digesting these numbers in more comprehensible and visual ways makes it far easier for consumers to understand data and facts. While data visualization tools are already on the market, we will see a rise in 2017, both in availability and sophistication.

Native Advertising
Yes, really. Native advertising is coming back. Since 43% of online buyers find purely self-promotional content to be ineffective, companies are turning back to the “show, don’t tell” policy. Sponsored content, for example, is one way to reach your audience with a seamlessly promotional ad, but in a way that is engaging as well. This allows advertising and editorial to mesh. It’s extremely effective and can be easily adapted with SEO techniques to drive leads.

Of course, this isn’t everything that’s bound to take place in the marketing world this year. There are no limits.

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